Caplan: How to build an MMA promotion

Many have tried and many have failed to become viable competitors to UFC in mixed martial arts. Sam Caplan says if somebody is going to come along and be successful on that front, here’s what they should and shouldn’t do.

Any promoter whether it be boxing or mixed martial arts is going to have a struggle. You have to pick up fighters, do contracts, and have the money and clout to take care of financial issues and landing a venue to host a fight.

I agree with Caplan when it comes to his approach on building an MMA promotion. The biggest organization is UFC short of Ultimate Fighting Championship, it is run out of Las Vegas, Nevada and the president is the outspoken Dana White a former boxing instructor, the owners of the company are ZUFFA Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, also billionaires from their dad’s successful station casinos.

Whatever you do in life you just have to be willing to learn, and in the fight business you need to have thick skin and a toughness in business deals. You have to deal with managers and fighter demands a negotiation isn’t easy.