It’s Official Angelo Dundee joins Oscar De La Hoya’s Training Camp

It is official Angelo Dundee the Legendary Trainer of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard has been brought in to assist Oscar De La Hoya with his preparation for the upcoming Dec. 6th showdown against the Pride of the Philippines and consensus Pound for Pound King Manny Pacquiao.  Oscar adding Dundee could be a hindrance since he has already brought in Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain to be his main trainer and a confusion of different strategies could arise. I just think bringing in another trainer mid camp may cause a bit of friction between Nacho Beristain and Angelo Dundee and it could make for a confusing game plan which one should Oscar follow? The fight is a couple of weeks away and maybe it is a psychological game the Goldenboy is playing because Freddie Roach the trainer of Pacquiao was the student of Eddie Futch who had a bit of a rivalry with Dundee, the connection is Frazier and Ali. Futch Trained Joe Frazier and Dundee trained Ali and we remember the bad blood and historical fights between the pugilistic rivals. Could Oscar be pitting Futch’s old rival against Roach the student who learned everything from Futch maybe it will be a battle of boxing minds.

Pacquiao is a huge underdog among the boxing experts with only a small minority actually giving Pacquiao a shot to win. Oscar has a history of falling short in many mega fights maybe hiring Dundee is Oscar showing he is not taking any chances or maybe just hype to make it seem that the pacman is really dangerous? We will never know until it is all said and done after the fight on Dec. 6th.

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