Manny Pacquiao to be featured on ESPN’s E:60 show.

The Pacman will be featured on Espn’s Prime time show E:60 which does short in depth features of sports figures such as MMA fighters and Boxers. Recently E:60 featured Kelly Pavlik on the show as well as UFC star Brock Lesnar and EliteXc bust Kimbo Slice. The episode will air on Tuesday October 28th 7:00pm (ET) on ESPN(check your cable provider for channel). Also check The E:60 website

This should be good in getting Pacman some exposure before the fight especially since Pacquiao even though the pound 4 pound king has remained a fairly low key Name in American Sports Culture. Hopefully this gets his name out there to a broader audience since the majority of ESPN viewers when they hear the nickname Pacman think of the troubled Dallas Cowboy’s NFL football player Adam “Pacman” Jones and not the well respected 4 division boxing champion,p4p king and future boxing hall of famer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. A low key top athlete is an anomaly usually top athletes in their respective sport are well known and almost a house hold name but Boxing has been lost somewhere in the back of the sports pages instead of being somewhere in the front pages where it deserves to be. Anyway make sure to check this out any positive exposure is good for boxing.