Pacman or Fatman?

After watching Pavlik go up 10 pounds to 170 to fight the older more adjusted fighter at that weight in Hopkins I had a thought. Could Manny Pacquiao aka the Pacman successfully go up 12 pounds and maintain his speed and ferocity? Seeing Kelly Pavlik go up just 10 pounds but looking slower then a Snail with his punches it makes one think maybe the same will happen to the Pacman. I believe Pacquiao is a special fighter someone who is in the same league as Roberto Duran and Henry Armstrong. Pacquaio belongs in the list of exciting fighters who moved up in weight and did well,they won some and lost some but were able to hold their own as they moved in weight. I believe that the most important deciding factor at 147 for Manny Pacquiao is not his speed or his punch power but his “CHIN” how well he can take the punch of a man way bigger then him. A slower Pacman is still a faster then average fighter but can Pacman confuse Oscar enough without getting caught with that Signature Left Hook? Can Pacman Land the Straight Left? On December 6th these questions will be answered will the added weight Turn The Pacman to the Fatman or will he prove the boycotters wrong.