UFC 90 Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote

UFC 90 LIVE on PPV  October 25!

From the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill.,

UFC 90 card:

Main Event � UFC Middleweight Title:

Patrick Cote 183 vs. Anderson Silva 184


Thiago Alves 171 vs. Josh Koscheck 170
Junior �Cigano� dos Santos 234 vs. Fabricio Werdum 256
Tyson Griffin 155 vs. Sean Sherk 156
Gray Maynard 155 vs. Rich Clementi 156
Drew McFedries 186 vs. Thales Leites 186
Shannon Gugerty 156 vs. Spencer Fisher 155
Matt Horwich 186 vs. Dan Miller 185
Marcus Aurelio 156 vs. Hermes Franca 156
Pete Sell 170 vs. Josh Burkman 173

Since there is no Big Boxing Event’s on T.V this Saturday I guess I will talk about this upcoming UFC. I only enjoy a handful of MMA fighters and Anderson Silva is one of the select few I really follow, the top of my list of course is FEDOR Emelianenko. I like Anderson Silva because his striking is so smooth and crisp and his punches and knee’s have pinpoint accuracy he is a joy to watch in the Octagon. Anderson Silva looks Like Muhammad Ali compared to the other fighters he has faced in the Cage, his striking is Elite level for MMA without question.

Anderson Silva fights Patrick Cote  who I think really has no shot…..well unless he lands a lucky one on Silva. I see Silva having all the advantages in this fight his Height,Reach,Striking,Speed,Ground Game are all superior to Cote’s. Cote does have Power and a good chin but could he take Anderson Silva’s combos and knees in the clinch? I think Cote is hoping for a Matt Serra Moment in this fight hoping Silva overlooks him much like Georges St. Pierre  over looking Serra in the first fight and suffering a KO loss to the underdog Matt Serra and losing his Welterweight title in one of the biggest upsets in UFC history. I strongly doubt Silva is one to overlook his opponent. Anderson Carries a Confidence in himself but he prepares the same and fights the same for each fight and that is why I enjoy watching him.

My prediction for the Main Event:

Anderson Silva by TKO ref stoppage.