My Prediction for Roy Jones Jr. vs. Joe Calzaghe.

First I would like to say I like both fighters, especially after watching the HBO 24/7 series and seeing them in their everyday life. Now this fight is a pick em fight, Roy Jones Jr, clearly is not in his prime, he looks like he is going through the motions in his last few fights, while Joe Calzaghe still has something to prove and the desire to win. I believe if this fight happened a few years back Jones Jr. would clearly take the fight he was faster and threw harder more awkward shots and moved around the ring well.  Joe Calzaghe is an unorthodox southpaw who has been accused of slapping his shots rather then sitting down on them, this is not to say Calzaghe doesn’t hit hard. Calzaghe tends to use more speedy combination flurries probably due to his hand issues he has a history of fragile hands and a boxers life depends on their hands and keeping them strong and undamaged.

The Keys to victory for Both fighters:

Roy Jones Jr – basically needs to bring back the Roy Jones Jr. of old use movement, throw that jab in Calzaghe’s face, pick his shots and throw combos confusing Calzaghe and if he gets Calzaghe hurt he needs to step on it and finish him and not back off and showboat like he has been doing in his recent fights. He has to stay off the ropes because even if he is not getting hit clean those flurries that Joe Calzaghe throws will add up on the score cards, remember many judge’s score fights on aggression and activity rather then defense.

Joe Calzaghe – Joe needs to do what he always does use his southpaw stance to his advantage and throw those quick fast combos in and out confusing Roy. Joe needs to be careful of body shots and straight shots down the middle like the one that put him down in the first round of the Bernard Hopkins bout. If Calzaghe can keep the pressure on Jones jr. like he did against Jeff Lacy, I believe he would do extremely well but he has to attack from round 1 on.

My Prediction :

I will be going with Roy Jones Jr. by  Decision

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