The secret of the disappearing left jab, not so secret anymore?

T.K Stewart a boxing writer for (click HERE to read T.K Stewart’s Article) believes he knows the secret trainer Freddie Roach was trying to keep secret. The secret of the disappearing left jab during Oscar’s fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Stewart suggests after watching interviews and seeing Oscar train that the left shoulder of Oscar his old rotator injury is the reason why Oscar could not pull the trigger. The reason behind this is the noticeable focus on massaging his left shoulder, wearing a neoprene shoulder support (which helps prevent re-injury or burden on the shoulder joint) on his left shoulder when he gets his hands wrapped and combined with Oscar’s admittance of having a shoulder injury in the past it makes sense. Could this be the secret Freddie Roach is talking about?

Below is a video interview recently on youtube by JoeCalzagheBlogSpot which clearly shows Oscar wearing a blue neoprene shoulder support while getting his hands wrapped.

Youtube Video by JoeCalzagheBlogspot

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