Evander Holyfield talks about Boxing and Life in New Issue of Esquire

Still fighting, the boxer weighs in on Mike Tyson’s killer instinct, Joe Louis’ arcane skills, and his overdue grammar lessons.

By: Tom Junod

While training at the Warren Memorial Boys Club in southeast Atlanta, Holyfield earned extra money selling popcorn at Braves and Falcons games.

Everything that I do I compare to boxing.

It takes just as much strength to handle the good things that happen to you as the bad.

I remember fighting Lennox Lewis the first time, in Madison Square Garden. I’m sick. I’m getting ready to quit. But I see my son in my corner, looking at me. He sees something’s not going right. And I thought, If I quit, they’re going tell my son, “When pressure hit, he quit.” That’s the only reason I didn’t quit in that fight. I told him later when he got older.

If I can not quit, my chances of winning are great.

The world itself don’t run because the guys are big or guys are small. It runs on how people think.

My left hook was more natural than anything. If you get too close to me, I’d hit you with my left hook.

If you’re going to beat Marvin Hagler, you going to have to work every second that you’re in there. I like Marvin Hagler.

In boxing, there are no gas tanks. You run out of gas, that’s it.

I’m going to do good with the aggressive fighter.

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