Pacquiao wants 60% Hatton Tiff could be Off

According to Philippine Broadcasting Station ABS-CBN the proposed MannyPacquiao vs Ricky Hatton fight reportedly scheduled for May 2, 2009 in Las Vegas,Nevada could be called off and it is all due to….you guessed it MONEY!  Team Pacquiao believe Manny is the bigger draw and deserves the lion’s share over Ricky Hatton who commands a rabid British following himself.

From the ABS-CBN article:

According to Pacquiao’s lawyer, Franklin “Geng” Gacal, the world’s top pound for pound fighter will not fight Hatton until he is guaranteed 60 percent of the purse.

“We have informed Bob Arum that we are not signing the contract. Manny is not contented with what is laid on the table. If the figures won’t move, we will look for another [challenger],” said Lawyer  Franklin Gacal.

In another interview Pacquiao said Floyd Mayweather jr’s camp has shown interest in a fight with him and that Floyd’s people have made contact with Team Pacquiao.

“Mayweather’s camp is making an appeal, they’re talking to us. They’ve talked to my attorney and told him that they’re interested in the fight so we’re listening to them,” Said Pacquiao

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