Would You Watch Tyson vs Holyfield 3?


That is what The National a UAE News Website wants to know. The National is asking people to leave a comment if they would attend the fight if it were to happen in Abu Dhabi. They want to see if demand is high enough for this fight.

Promoters are in talks with the Government to bring the boxing legends Mike Tyson, 42, and Evander Holyfield, 46, to the UAE for their third match. Final plans are still under negotiation but the fight is expected to take place in October.

Boxing sources were sceptical of the contest taking place. Rumours of the proposal have been circulating for weeks but it remains unclear whether the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) would back the plan.

If the fight was to take place in the UAE would you go? Let us know.

To respond to the Nationals article just leave a comment on their page here is the LINK

The internet rumors are swirling around that both fighters could be getting a handsome multimillion dollar payday to stage a 3rd fight inĀ  UAE (United Arab Emirates) an area which is known for state of the art buildings and extreme wealth. I personally think a third fight between the two ring legends is not needed. Holyfield already won both fights and who wants to watch a close to 300 lbs out of shape Mike Tyson enter the ring again? Who am I kidding I will probably watch the fight out of curiosity like the millions of other people. Now the real question is would you pay for it?

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