‘Tyson’: Iron Man, By Kurt Loder


Picture a professional boxer punching you in the head. Pretend you survive. Now picture the same guy continuing to punch you in the head for the next 20 years.

From 1985, when he won his first pro bout with a first-round knockout, to 2005, when he suddenly quit the fight business midway through a humiliating beat-down by opponent Kevin McBride, Mike Tyson absorbed that sort of punishment on a fairly regular basis. You can see the result in “Tyson,” the stunning new documentary by director James Toback. The former heavyweight champ, now 42, fills the screen, adrift in amiable confusion (“I met the president of Chechnya, I met the president of Istanbul”) and veering off into private worlds where he hears voices he can’t quiet. Now, looking back over his outlandish career, he says, “Everything was totally cryptic to me.”….Continue Reading