Anybody But Bob Arum Can See Ufc Gives Boxing Little to Smile About

Kevin Mitchell: Boxing is losing out to the appeal of Ultimate Fighting Championship, whatever the promoters say

With notable high-profile exceptions, boxing’s pay-per-view numbers and gate receipts have been falling like the Dow Jones Index for years, in the United States at least (where it matters), as Dana White and his friends in mixed martial arts have grabbed a growing slice of a fickle market.

Until White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship circus began to stir after he bought UFC in 2001, boxing had been doing a fine job of murdering its own babies. Neglect, arrogance, corruption … you name it, the people who ran the sport, from promoters to administrators to TV executives, all were variously culpable. They took boxing on to cable, subscription and pay-per-view to make as much as they could for as long as they could for as few as they could…Continue Reading

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