Floyd Mayweather jr’s skill and approach to his job (NowBoxing Reader Submitted Article)

NowBoxing contributing writer Pierre Rhodan shares his thoughts on Money Mayweather and his opinion of the up coming Floyd Mayweather jr vs Juan Manuel Marquez Fight coming up soon on HBO PPV July 18 2009.

Floyd Mayweather jr’s skill and approach to his job

June 9, 2009

This champion is so unlike the ones in the past. Reason being is, Floyd understands the true art and work that needs to be put in any fight that he approaches. The Golden Boy, he really never had a chance in that fight, due to the fact that money did his home work. His angles of attack, is multidimensional . Floyd’s defensive angles are sharp and perfectly designed for the miss, his hand speed is to be admired by those on all levels of boxing. His attention to detail is viewed as superior ring knowledge. He takes every round and adjusts to the next round to the style and plan of attack that benefits his quest to be victorious. This man understands winning, and “time is money”. This is why I predict by the 5th round he will knock this guy(Juan Manuel Marquez) out, or the fight will be over, “one way or the other”! Floyd get this guy out of there and move on, he will be attempting to build his money off, of money. Get him out of there, give a boxing class, but hit him like he’s trying to take your money. Because that’s, what he’s attempting to do. 4 o.k, 5 is good, 6 is bad luck number, for the corner across from this champion.

by Pierre Rhodan

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