A fight fan’s view of Cotto vs. Pacquiao

By Reynaldo G

First I would like to say that I am glad to share my opinion here on Nowboxing.com as a boxing fan, I am no writer just a fan so take my opinion with a grain of salt. A little background information on me before I start, I am a Puerto Rican American, my folks are originally from San Juan and I was born in the Bronx, New York. I trained in boxing from an early age mostly for recreation. I learned the sport from my father who loved both boxing and baseball and we would watch both sports religiously so my love for boxing runs deep.

In this day and age of boxing we seldom get to see big fights with two action fighters  like Miguel Cotto vs. Manny Pacquiao. The reason why this is a rare fight is because of the caliber of fighters involved and their respective styles. First you have Miguel Cotto a rugged tough Puerto Rican with a strong left hook body shot who has good fundamentals, he could be labeled as a  boxer – puncher, his biggest flaw is his face being wide open for straight punches and his questionable stamina during the later rounds. Next you have the Filipino sensation known as the “Pacman” Manny Pacquiao, a ball of energy a non stop, quick punching, awkward southpaw with good punching power and stamina that enables him to be just as fresh in the last round as he is in the first round. To many this fight is pretty even a pick em fight, this is how you know this is a great fight because  you can make a case for  either Cotto or Pacquiao to win, this is the opposite of  Floyd Mayweather jr who is taking on a man 2 weight classes below him in Juan Manuel Marquez. 

Now for my pick……get ready…… my pick is Manny Pacquiao, I know many of you might be shocked and say “but you are Puerto Rican why are you going against Cotto?”, I like Cotto but in an unbiased view and putting ethnic ties aside I have to go with the Pacman in this fight. After many years of watching boxing and having trained as a young kid (I am 44 years old now) I have never seen a fighter as special as the Filipino pug they call the Pacman.  I see Manny boxing and using his side to side movement and landing blistering combos on Cotto, while Miguel will try and attack the body, Pacquiao will counter with his right hook. I see Cotto getting cut up bad and the fight being stopped on cuts in the later rounds. I am not saying Cotto does not have a shot because he does any fighter can land a punch and put a guy out. I mean come on this is the sport of boxing an anything can happen, that is why boxing is so beautiful and full of suspense. Don’t forget Pacquiao does well against left hand dominant fighters and Cotto is a left hand dominant fighter. The fight should be well worth the money and I know the Filipino and Puerto Rican fight fans  will fill up the Las Vegas strip with their devoted support.

I cannot wait for this one. May the best man win!

True fight fan,
Reynaldo G.


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