Bob Arum “Manny Pacquiao, Bruce Lee style of boxing”

By Zato

In Bob Arum’s weekly blog In My Corner for the Las Vegas sun detailing the lead up to the Nov. 14th Pacquiao vs Cotto fight, he describes Manny’s training camp in Baguio, how he has never seen any other boxer train like the pacman and compares him to the late Bruce Lee.

Bruce_Lee_latspreadPacquiao wings

Pacquiao who many boxing fansĀ  have liken to the martial arts legend, mainly due to their physical similarities and astonishing feats, Bruce for his one inch punch, Manny for his devastating left hand and both for their lat spread pose pictured above.

From Bob Arum’s Las Vegas Sun blog:

“The shear athleticism that Manny brings to his workouts reminds me of the great martial artist Bruce Lee. The more one reflects on Manny and his ring performances, the clearer it becomes that he is the Bruce Lee of boxing. This athletic style is unique in boxing to Manny. In more than four decades of promoting fights, I have never seen anyone like Manny Pacquiao and his Bruce Lee style of boxing.”

Manny Pacquiao the Bruce Lee of Boxing.

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