Floyd Mayweather Jr. gets confronted and exposed on Sirius Shade 45 (Audio)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and R.A The Rugged Man go at it on Sirius Eminem’s Shade 45 Show recorded on October 29th.  R.A The Rugged man calls Floyd out on why he doesn’t fight the best and his handpicking of opponents.  The interview gets heated and the two go back and forth.  R.A The Rugged Man holds nothing back and tells Floyd Mayweather Jr. how he and many boxing fans feel why he hasn’t fought Pacquiao, Cotto, Mosley, Paul Williams and others.

I have to say this R.A really knows his boxing,  he had Floyd Mayweather Jr. frustrated many times, Floyd could only respond with how much money he made or that he was undefeated and everyone else has a loss on their record.

Did Floyd Mayweather Jr. gets exposed? You be the Judge listen below:

Mayweather vs Ra The Rugged Man(Audio)

R.A The Rugged Man’s Myspace

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