Freddie Roach believes combination punching will help defeat Cotto

By Zato

After a heated sparring session with Shawn Porter (the 21 year old middleweight fighter out of Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio who had given Pacquiao all he could handle in their previous sparring session) and Urbano Antillion, Manny Pacquiao demonstrated to a small group of media in attendance at his Baguiao training camp a secret technique  the he will use against Cotto, Pacquiao threw a 1-2-3 punch combo and quickly moved out of the way. The combo move was echoed by Pacquiao’s  Hall of Fame trainer as well “The more important thing is the 1-2-3 combination’s and then get out of the way,” Roach told, Roach feels speed and volume punching will wear down Cotto.

At the end of his training session with Roach, Alex Ariza, the conditioning coach for Manny, put the Pacman in a isometric stretching routine which had Manny in a bit of pain. “That’s just the start of it. We’re still going to do it for six more weeks.” Ariza told Manny in front of the media present.

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