Hatton “Pacman the hardest puncher I faced, but Mayweather beats him”

By Zato

Ricky Hatton was in Johannesburg, South Africa last month and did a quick interview with David Isaacson of Timeslive.  When asked by Isaacson Who’s the hardest puncher you’ve ever fought? Hatton said “I would probably say Manny Pacquiao, but having said that I don’t think I was in the best condition”

Hatton also praises Manny Pacquiao as a gentleman, nice guy and family man who he really admires. When questioned who would win in a possible Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight, Hatton said he would like to think Manny would win and root for him, But as much as he dislikes Mayweather, Mayweather would probably pip him.

In a funny turn, Hatton told Timeslive his most embarrassing moment, one was being knocked out , and another when a newspaper found out he had a phobia of cats they wrote up and article and posted a picture of a cat with a boxing glove, to this day Hatton can’t go near cats .

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