Jamie Foxx wants to play Mike Tyson in new biopic

Foxx Tyson picture

By Zato

Mike Tyson has had a roller coaster life, his name has been headline news for many years, his story is so tragic it’s like something out of a  Hollywood screenplay. Well that story could actually make it’s way to the big screen, Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx, who has taken on some of the toughest roles in Hollywood will have some big gloves to fill as he expresses his desire to play Mike Tyson in a film about the ex-champ’s life.

Foxx is known for  his comedic impersonation of the eccentric champ,  but I believe Foxx is talented enough to bring  justice to the role in a serious manner . Mike Tyson told MTV in April that he’d like Foxx to play him in a biopic. Foxx plans on bringing a different perspective of the boxer that the public is not used to. Foxx would also like to re-team with “Ray” director Taylor Hackford for the movie. If the movie does get financed and made, I will be one of the first in line to check it out.

Video from MTV

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