Miguel Cotto reveals why he fired his sparring partner

By Zato

Frankie ‘El Gato’ Figueroa  former sparring partner for Miguel Cotto, who had sparred with Cotto for previous fights, was fired without clue or reason.  But now Miguel Cotto has spoken out about why he fired Gato in an interview he conducted with the newspaper El Nuevo Dia.

Cotto told El Nuevo Dia:

“In this training camp we work seriously. No one comes here to joke around in the ring. Sparring mates  are here to help us and make us work, not to have a good time, lowering their hands and showing off their skill.

“There are two classes of  boxers, the ones who grow in sparring and those that grow in the fights. Well ‘Gato’ is the one who likes to grow in sparring,”

It seems that Frankie Figueroa was showboating  in the ring  and Cotto wasn’t having any of  it this close to fight time.  Hopefully some of this will be shown on the upcoming HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto.  Tune in on Saturday, Oct. 24 when the seventh installment debuts on HBO.

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