“The Raging Bull” Jake Lamotta shares his thoughts on MMA

Jake LaMottta was one of the most brutal warriors in the sport of boxing.   He was the first man to defeat boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson.   His  rocky relationship with his late ex-wife,Vickie, was documented in the classic Martin Scorsese  film Raging Bull (Robert De Niro won a best actor Oscar for his performance as LaMotta).  So what does The Raging Bull think of the ultra violent sport of Mixed Martial Arts?

“When they hit you on the floor? That doesn’t make any sense, it’s savage.”  The now 88 year old Lamotta told Reuters. “It’s out of control, I still think the regular way is the best way.”

With organizations like UFC and Strikeforce gaining momentum, and boxing’s lessening popularity with mainstream audiences, it’s no wonder Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in America.

Even some of the most brutal fighters, like LaMotta, have limits on what they can stomach.  In LaMotta’s time it was considered a cheap shot and a cowardly move to hit a man when he was already down, but times have changed.