Pacquiao still willing to fight Mayweather, never said the fight was off

Contrary to many Internet reports, the Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs. Manny Pacquiao fight is not dead yet, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao officially released a statement today on his official website saying he is still willing to face Mayweather Jr. in a super fight and he never officially said the fight was off.

Manny offers up his suggestion on how he would like the drug testing to go.  He is willing to take a blood sample when the fight is announced meaning the first press conference in the beginning of January 2010, a blood test 30 days prior to the March 13 boxing match, a blood test immediately following the fight in his dressing room and unlimited urine steroid drug tests everyday leading up to the fight.

Manny is sticking strong to his belief that taking blood will weaken him before the fight.  Now the ball is in Team Mayweather’s court will they accept or will they decline?

Here is the official statment from Manny Pacquiao  himself:

I am still willing to Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. I never said the fight was off or I do not want to fight him. I will fight anyone at anytime and my record and past fights prove that. I have never and will never dodge anyone.

These are my specifications for this fight regarding blood testing. I have offered to give a blood sample the day of the Announcement of the fight at the Press Release. I have Offered to give a blood sample 30 days before the fight. I am willing to give blood immediately after the fight is over inside my dressing room . I am also willing to give urine tests at anytime any where everyday leading up to the fight. The truth is taking blood out of my body does not seem natural to me and mentally I feel it  will weaken me if blood is taken from me just days before the fight. That does not make sense to me why anyone would do that.
These accusations  of me using any performance enhancing supplements are totally unwarranted and unjustified. To all of my fans I want to say thank you very much for all your support and understanding. I always give honor to God first and I would never cheat. I would never Cheat God, I would never cheat myself, and I would never cheat my country and my fans.
If Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not accept these terms than my promoter will find me another fight for March the 13th. Again I will fight anyone at anytime.

I would always like to be known for my honor and my integrity. I will always be known for my courage and my willingness to face any man at anytime in my career. If Floyd Mayweather Jr. truly ever wanted to fight me and he is not really scared he would accept these terms I am  willing to give him as they are above and beyond what the commission demands.

I should not have to prove myself as I have always done what the commission has asked me to do and I have never ever swayed from that. Never has there been a time where anything I have ever done has been in question. I stand behind my honor and my integrity. I stand below God and my Country. I stand with my fans and I hope Floyd is not really really a coward and will fight me and give the fans what they want to see. I am not afraid to fight Floyd anywhere anytime

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