(VIDEO)Floyd Mayweather teaches ESPN’s Brian Kenny how to throw a punch

As the Floyd Mayweather Vs. Manny Pacquiao super fight  hangs on a thread due to steroids drug tests debacle, ESPN aired this Sportscenter  commercial segment with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Friday Night Fights in studio analyst Brian Kenny.

Brian Kenny and Floyd Mayweather have gotten into heated debates during interviews in the past, but they put that aside and jokingly play around with the coin operated Boxing Machine,  it’s a popular punching game you see at many carnivals and amusement parks to test ones punching power.

Kenny placed a photograph picture of Pretty Boy Floyd on it and punches the bag with not much effort.  At first try Kenny gets 324 lbs of force, after Floyd Mayweather shows Brian Kenny the proper way to throw a right hand punch, Kenny’s punch force goes up significantly to 646 lbs of force.  Shows you the importance of throwing a punch with proper form and technique to get the maximum benefit from a punch.

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