Manny Pacquiao shares his thoughts on the death of Miguel Cotto Sr.

As the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao negotiations loom, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao took time out of his busy schedule to share his thoughts on the tragic and sudden passing of Miguel Cotto Sr. father of Pacquiao’s last opponent Miguel Cotto.

Manny Pacquiao released an official statement on Jan. 4, 2010 regarding the death of Miguel Cotto’s father, Miguel Cotto Sr., who passed away recently due to respiratory problems at 57 years old.  Viewers might remember Cotto Sr. from the HBO boxing series 24/7 Pacquiao-Cotto.  Cotto Sr. was the backbone of his son’s training camp.

The statement was published on Pacquiao’s official website and it shows why Manny Pacquiao is widely considered the face of boxing and the best ambassador in and outside the ring for the sport.

Read the official statement below:

It has been brought to my attention that for the past 12 months, people from all over the world have gotten to know me, as well as, my Team Pacquiao. People are now familiar with my family, friends and my lifestyle – The person that I am.

All of this has been brought to the world through the television show, 24/7. I never really knew what to make of all of the statements that were made to me, nor the impact a show could make, which revealed people’s lives. I never knew what that meant… until today. Today I found out that Miguel Cotto’s father passed away.

It was on 24/7 that I was able to learn a lot about Miguel Cotto, but what I took with me from watching him, was the love that he and his family shared. Mr. Cotto Sr. was a man that seemed to get someone’s respect immediately just by the way he carried himself, but what I noticed most was the love that he and his son, Miguel Cotto shared. This love had no boundaries. It was a never-ending love that I rarely have the opportunity to see.

I want to send my love and my condolences out to Miguel Cotto and his entire family. The pain I feel right now for all of them has compelled me to make this statement:

“Your father was a man that I both admired and had a lot of respect for. Thank you for opening up your lives for us all to watch and learn from. It was my honor to get to know your father. It was my honor to watch and learn about how a father-son relationship should be. God Bless you Miguel, from me and my family to yours. Our prayers are with you.”

– Manny Pacquiao

(Source: Manny Pacquiao’s Official Website)

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