Mayweather Jr. “My Uncle Started (UFC President) Dana White Off”

During the USA Today round table for the May 1st, Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Sugar Shane Mosley fight, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was asked by USA Today Sports Business Columnist, Michael Hiestand, if Mixed Martial Arts would cut into boxing’s business.

Floyd answered back, by revealing that the Mayweather family were the ones who started the UFC President Dana White off in the fight business. This comes as somewhat surprising news, since Dana White and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have both taken verbal shots at each other over the years, and seemed like they hardly even knew each other beforehand.

In 1996, Dana White met Floyd’s Uncle, Jeff Mayweather, and wanted to learn about boxing and the fight business, at the time Dana White didn’t know much about contact sports and wanted to learn the ropes from Jeff Mayweather.  During this time, Dana White was just starting up a boxing aerobics company and wanted Floyd Mayweather Jr. to wear his sponsorship logo in one of his fights. This was all before Dana White got involved with the UFC.

Hear what Floyd Mayweather Jr. had to say about UFC’s Dana White and MMA/Boxing concerns:

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