Watch Showtime Fight Camp 360 Episode 5 “Dirrell vs. Abraham”

Watch episode 5 of Fight Camp 360 recapping the Super Six Tournament Group Stage II “Andre Dirrel vs. Arthur Abraham” boxing match that ending in controversy. The current point’s leader King Arthur Abraham hit Andre Dirrell on the side of the head while he was down, ending the match by disqualification and giving Andre Dirrell the victory.

Dirrell was clearly dominating the fight until he slipped on the canvas and went down in the 11th round, while Dirrell was down King Arthur Abraham hit him on the head and Dirrell was out cold and convulsing giving the ref Laurence Cole no choice but to stop the bout.  After Andre Dirrell woke up back to consciousness, he was not aware of what happened. Many people criticized Dirrell, claiming he was faking it.

The next fight in the Super Six Tournament is Mikkel Kessler vs. Carl Froch on April 24, 2010 in Denmark.

Watch Showtime Fight Camp 360 Episode #5

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