Watch Danny Green vs. Paul Briggs quick KO – Did Briggs take a dive?

Australian boxing champion, Danny “Green Machine” Green, was able to hold onto his IBO cruiser-weight title but is not proud of the way he won.

Green came out ready to fight fellow Aussie, Paul Briggs, but he didn’t expect it to be such a quick night. Green threw a left jab that barely grazed the top of Briggs head causing Briggs to fall to his knees covering his head almost like he was really knocked dizzy. The ref counted Briggs out and the fight was stopped at 29 seconds into the first round.

Green and the entire audience were pissed off and booing, Green yelled for Briggs to get up and was so angry and believed Paul took a dive and quit.

Danny Green who made news for calling out UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar told the audience ”Paul Briggs is not getting paid a cent. That is criminal, what he did. I will rise above that canine and apologise.”

Green was so pissed off that Briggs laid down that he said he would go in the changing room and give him a fight.

What is your opinion was the KO suspect, did Briggs take a dive or did he just mentally quit?

Watch the Danny Green vs. Paul Briggs fight on YouTube video:

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