(VIDEO) Floyd Mayweather Apologizes for Racist Pacquiao Rant

Flamboyant boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr., caused a lot of controversy with a derogatory rant on Ustream, when the topic of Manny Pacquiao came up, Mayweather released a barrage of profane, homophobic, and racial remarks at Pacquiao.

The video was posted all over various boxing blogs and made its way onto ESPN, FOX Sports, USA Today, and other major news media outlets. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a Asian boxing fans as well, and the rant hurt many of them.

Watch the original racist and homophobic video rant here: Mayweather’s Racist Rant on Manny Pacquiao is Overlooked by the Media

Earlier today, Floyd Mayweather logged back on to his Ustream account, and learning of the impact of his words, he issued an apology to those he affected, past and present.

Floyd wanted his fans to know that he is not racist and he got carried away and was just having fun. He apologized to his Uncle Jeff Mayweather and would like him to be part of his camp in the future. Floyd also talks positively about UFC and UFC President Dana White and says there is nothing but love. He also wanted to send his condolences out to Bob Arum and his family for the tragic loss of his son John Arum, whose dead body was found in the mountains.

Watch Floyd Mayweather’s apology video:

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