Video of Mike Tyson, Wayne Brady & Bobby Brown Doing “Every Little Step”

It’s always great to see “Iron” Mike Tyson in a good mood, especially with the past tragedies and ups and downs in his life. Recently, Tyson has time to actually enjoy life in his 40’s by doing movies like “The Hangover,” and filming a new reality show for TV.

Evidence of Mike’s sense of humor is the viral video on “Funny or Die” that features Mike Tyson as a back up dancer for Wayne Brady’s remake of Bobby Brown’s 1989 music video classic “Every Little Step,” a video that shows Mike Tyson trying his best to do choreography, but is off step with Brady and the other dancer.

Tyson’s dance moves were seen earlier this year when he was on the Italian version of “Dancing with the Stars,” (Watch Here), where the judges gave him high scores because they seemed scared they might piss off the once violent heavyweight champion by giving him a low score.

The spoof video also has a cameo by Bobby Brown. This is not the first time Tyson and Bobby Brown appeared together to make fun of themselves, the two sung a duet of the popular Halloween song, “Monster Mash” on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Watch the Funny or Die: Mike Tyson and Wayne Brady “Every Little Step” dance video below:

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