UFC 121 Results: Cain Velasquez TKO’s Brock Lesnar in Humiliating Fashion

The so called “Baddest Man on the Planet” Brock Lesnar was being knocked around the Octagon by the undersized Mexican-American heavyweight challenger Cain Velasquez on Saturday night October 23 at UFC 121 in Anaheim, California.

It was hard to hear in a roaring sold out crowd at the Honda Center because of all the supporting fans for Cain Velasquez making noise in support. The audience was filled with many Mexican-American fans rooting their guy Cain against the man the UFC hyped up as the scariest or most dominant MMA fighter in history Brock Lesnar a former WWE and NCAA wrestling champion.

Many felt that Brock’s size and power would be the deciding factor in the fight, but Cain’s ferocity, speed, agility and heart was the key factor in the outcome of the fight.

Brock started off charging immediately for a takedown which got stuffed by Cain and it was obvious that there was no fear in Cain’s eyes as he traded and didn’t back down from the UFC champ. Lesnar was able to get Cain on his back but Cain got back to his feet and continued his relentless pressure showing that he wasn’t intimidated by Lesnar’s size. Lesnar got caught in the clinch at some short punches and stumbled around the cage looking exhausted Cain went in for the kill taking Lesnar down, throwing punches from the top and making Brock cover up in a ball or fetal position on his back. The ref Herb Dean saw enough and called a halt to the fight with 48 seconds left in the first round, crowning Cain Velasquez the first Mexican heavyweight champion and new UFC heavyweight champion.

At the end of the fight Cain didn’t even break a sweat or have a scratch on him while Brock Lesnar’s face looked like he was in a car wreck.

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