Margarito’s trainer claims his fighter didn’t know Freddie Roach had Parkinson’s

During the final press-conference on Wednesday for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito fight, Robert Garcia the trainer for disgraced former welterweight boxing champion Antonio Margarito, issued and apology for a video online that showed his two boxers Antonio Margarito and Brandon Rios, who will also being fighting on the Pacquiao vs. Margarito undercard after replacing Kelly Pavlik, making fun of Manny Pacquiao’s Parkinson’s disease stricken trainer Freddie Roach.

Gif image of Antonio Margarito and Brandon Rios mocking Freddie Roach’s trembling from Parkinson’s disease

Garcia said it wasn’t an attack on people with Parkinson’s disease because his fighter Brandon Rios had no clue that Freddie Roach was ill with Parkinson’s. Garcia said it was a more personal attack at Team Pacquiao because their is some animosity between Team Pacquiao and Team Margarito.

Freddie Roach isn’t believing Robert Garcia’s reasoning that his fighters didn’t know that he is suffering from Parkinson’s disease when they mimicked his tremors. Freddie Roach said the Team Margarito camp “showed their true colors” and he won’t speak to Robert Garcia on a personal level ever again.

Robert Garcia never apologized to Roach and said he will only apologize to Roach after the fight “win or lose” he will go up to Freddie and apologize, but for now they are enemies till after Pacquiao and Margarito finish their fight on November 13.

The finale episode of HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito airs on Friday November 12 at 9:30 PM ET/PT on HBO. Immediately after the finale of 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito, Freddie Roach and Robert Garcia will discuss fighter strategy live on “Overtime” on

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