Victorious Return For New British Champ Leon ‘Solid’ Williams

On Wednesday British Cruiserweight Champion Leon ‘Solid’ Williams returned to the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, in Canning Town, for the first time since defeating long time Champ Rob Norton and winning the coveted Lonsdale Belt.

Williams – who made the early return to undertake an interview with Sky Sports’ Ed Robinson, which will be aired on the Sky Sports Ringside Show this evening at 6pm – bought the Championship belt with him to show to his gym mates.

Following the interview Williams spent about an hour chatting about the fight with gym mates and being photographed with everyone in the gym at the time.

Just before leaving to go back home for a well deserved break Williams took a few minutes to talk about the fight and his future plans, “Not best pleased with the overall performance, Rob Norton’s very awkward and cagey opponent. He’s very, very experienced.

But at the end of the day we got the win and that’s all that matters.

I’m not really fussed who I’m going to fight next, I’m British Champion and I’ll defend it to the best of my ability.

I’m not letting that belt go, it’s across my shoulder right now and it’s going to stay there, yeah it’s just gonna stay there.

There’s no one I’m scared of, or intimidated by in this weight category, domestically any way. No one is great they’re just normal and can be beaten, they can all be dominated by me.

I’d even fight Rob Norton again, yeah I’d take that. It wouldn’t be the prettiest fight again but the tactics would change I’d meet him early instead of later on and I don’t think he’d be able to withstand that.

Rob was a good Champion, awkward, cagey, done his thing right, but the better man won on the twenty first.

I want to dominate the Cruiserweight division domestically, look good for television and my supporters and make my name, then we’ll move on to conquer Europe. Yeah it’s onwards and upwards for Team Solid

I’d like to say a big thanks to Johnny Eames, Barry Smith, Rio (Gianluca Di Caro) and Jimmy Tibbs from my gym, the brilliant TRAD TKO, as well as Ken and Dougie from my sponsor BoxFit, Dave from my sponsor Ringside and my other sponsors Radio King and South West Cars, RIP Danny Easam and all my supporters.

If it wasn’t for my supporters I wouldn’t be here now. They’ve all supported me on the small hall shows and they’ve stuck by me even when my fights were getting canceled and they were losing money, but they’re still here, so a big thank you to all those guys and girls, loads of girls.”

Ed Robinson’s interview with Leon ‘Solid’ Williams will be aired on the Ringside Show on Sky Sports 1 at 6pm on Thursday 27th October and will be repeated at 00.30am, 4am on Sky Sports 1 and again at 10am on Sky Sports 2 on Friday 28th October.

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