Watch 24/7: Cotto/Margarito Premiere Episode 1 on HBO

HBO will premiere the first episode of a special two-part series of 24/7 on Saturday, November 19, 2011 with 24/7: Cotto/Margarito.

This 24/7 will cover the rematch between Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto and Mexico’s Antonio Margarito. The first time the two combatants met in the ring it was at the welterweight division and Cotto was still undefeated at the time, the bout was looking good for Cotto early until the later rounds when Cotto’s face was beaten to a bloody pulp and his corner stopped the fight in the 11th. Shortly after Margarito’s pinnacle win over Cotto, Margarito was caught with illegal handwraps before his fight with Shane Mosley. The California commission suspended Margarito and banned his coach Javier Capetillo for life. To this day Miguel Cotto suspects that Antonio Margarito had something inside his gloves that helped him win when they first fought, and this time Cotto wants to fight Margarito on what he feels is fair terms to answer all questions.

24/7 will show the training camps of Antonio Margarito in Mexico with his trainer Robert Garcia, and Miguel Cotto as he trains in Florida. The Cotto vs. Margarito II rematch will be broadcast live on HBO Pay-per-view on Saturday, December 3, 2011.

Watch 24/7: Cotto/Margarito on Saturday, November 19 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on HBO.