GREAT BRITAIN boxing team captain Tom Stalker has revealed that he goes to bed at night dreaming of winning a gold medal at this summer’s Olympic Games. Speaking in a video to mark the launch of Betfair’s partnership with the British Amateur Boxing Association, the 27-year-old admitted it plays on his mind.

Tom Stalker said: ”I think about winning gold every night before I go to sleep. But I can’t just think about gold. I’ve got to think about each fight. There’s going to be five tough fights to win the gold and anything can happen.

“I went to the Commonwealth Games in India and that was a great experience, I loved that. So to be in my home country and experience what’s going on, to be part of it, I just can’t describe it. It’s going to be brilliant.”

Tom’s team-mates are just as excited at the prospect of representing the country on home soil at the Games in July.

Anthony Joshua, a Londoner, believes he has a chance to make his mark when he steps into the ring at the ExCel in London Docklands.

Anthony Joshua said: “I’ve got a four month project now to make history. The thing that makes it so much more exciting is that I’m capable of doing it. Come the Games I hope the support of the country will edge me on to do well.

“I’m trying not to get carried away with the glamour of the Olympics because my main thing is to do a job for the country and that’s get a medal.”

Meanwhile, bantamweight star Luke Campbell believes turning out at the Games in London will be the highlight of his career. He said “The Olympics have been everything in my career. That’s the inspiration that gets me up in the morning; wanting to train hard, that’s my aim, that’s my goal and that’s what drives me forward.

“There’s a long way to go to get to the gold medal; one fight at a time, one step at a time.

“I want to make my country proud, that’s my goal.”