LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, (April 14, 2012) — Grind 2 Def Entertainment is pleased to announce the launch of Grind 2 Def Tees.  The vision of Grind 2 Def Tees is inspired by pro boxing fans, the urban lifestyle and a strong desire to provide unique eye catching clothing that stands out from anything currently on the market. The first t-shirt available thru Grind 2 Def Tees is the limited edition Floyd Mayweather “Undefeated T-Shirt.”  This t-shirt is on sale for $20 USD and available in sizes medium to 3XL.

Floyd Mayweather is the #1 pound for pound boxer in the world and the pay per view leader in the pro boxing industry.  Floyd Mayweather will be fighting Miguel Cotto for the WBA super welterweight title on May 5 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena live on HBO PPV.   Debuting tonight on HBO & CNN watch 24/7 Mayweather/Cotto at 9:45p.m. ET/PT

Macke Roberts said “The limited edition Floyd Mayweather undefeated t-shirt is the hottest t-shirt on the market right now.  We are blessed to release this dynamic t-shirt prior to the Mayweather vs Cotto fight on May 5.  If you like boxing your gonna love this t-shirt.  Boxing fans the demand for this t-shirt is unbelievable.  Floyd Mayweather is a global icon and his status has allowed us to receive numerous order requests from countries around the world for this t-shirt.  Don’t miss out on your chance to buy this limited edition Floyd Mayweather t-shirt.  Buy your t-shirt now at

Macke Roberts said “Grind 2 Def Tees wants to bring something unique and different to the urban clothing market place.  We are inspired by the boxing fans and their passion for the sport of boxing.  Without the boxing fans we would not be here today.  Currently we are developing more unique concepts for t-shirts featuring some of the top world class fighters in the boxing game.  Grind 2 Def Tees are game changers so be on the lookout for some of our new products soon.”

Grind 2 Def Tees limited edition Floyd Mayweather "Undefeated T-Shirt"


The Grind 2 Def Tees brand is a unique fashion expression inspired by pro boxing fans & the urban lifestyle.  Grind 2 Def Tees was created to showcase innovative & unique clothing products that will catch your attention and standout from the rest of the crowded urban fashion landscape.

To purchase a limited edition Floyd Mayweather undefeated t-shirt & find out more information on Grind 2 Def Tees visit our website at