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Bo Bikes Bama
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Bo Jackson may be Alabama’s most-famous athlete, so, after tornadoes ripped through the state last year and claimed more than 200 lives, he knew he needed to help. To mark the one-year anniversary of the tragedy, Jackson hopped on a bicycle and pedaled across the state to raise money for the hardest hit towns. Joined by Lance Armstrong, Ken Griffey Jr, and Scottie Pippen, Jackson covered nearly 300 miles and brought hope to thousands who are still putting their lives back together. Joe Tessitore reports.

“When we got to the sign that said, ‘Tuscaloosa, 17 miles,’ I got emotional for about a mile and a half. No one could see it ‘cause I was leading the pack. I would talk to myself and say, ‘Keep it together. Keep it together. You can’t let them see you cry.’” — Bo Jackson, on the emotional homestretch during “Bo Bikes ‘Bama”

“You hear the stories of people that are on the ride today, and you see the evidence of damage and destruction. It’s still shocking.” – Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner

“There are certain people in life that you know that’s going to make a difference, and he’s one of them. And, you know, Bo   doesn’t do anything small.” – Ken Griffey, Jr