Malta Boxing Commission VP responds to Former President’s Claims

Over the past week there have been several statements issued by both parties, following a statement issued by Malta Boxing Commission Limited’s Director and Vice President Gianluca Di Caro regarding the relieving of Alex Zammit of his position as President of the Malta Boxing Commission last Friday, for his disregarding of due diligence undertaken for two license applications, as well as the holding of a special general meeting, at which appointments to the commission were made as well as licenses issued, without informing various members of the board, including Mr Di Caro.

Throughout the past week Mr Zammit issued various statements, on the Malta Boxing News website that he owns, as well as distributing them wider to the boxing press, stating that it was Mr Di Caro that was being relieved of his duties as Vice President.

Earlier today Mr Zammit published an e.mail sent to Mr Di Caro last week, in which various accusations are levelled at Mr Di Caro, as such Mr Di Caro has made the following statement.

“As I had said previously I find it highly disappointing that Mr Zammit is continuing to both deny the fact of his legal removal from his honorary position as the President of the Malta Boxing Commission, as well as his attempts to discredit my name and position as Director, with an absurd collection of misleading and false statements.

Since then Mr Zammit has taken it on himself to make two further statements, listing further alleged failings and misdeeds by myself.

I had said in my previous statement that I feel that all that needs to be said has been said, as this matter is purely about Mr Zammit’s removal form his position as President of the MBC for his dereliction of duty by disregarding the due diligence I had undertaken on two license applications as well as calling the special general meeting, where he made various appointments to key positions within the MBC, as well as license issued, without informing myself and another senior MBC official.

However I feel that I have no option but to respond to certain matters Mr Zammit raised in these statements.

Firstly Malta Boxing Commission Ltd, Mr Zammit published an invoice showing that it was myself that had paid for the company registration. I cannot deny this as I had indeed paid for this, in fact that’s not all I paid for, as it was myself that personally financed the setting up of the Malta Boxing Commission and it has been myself financing it ever since, as until very recently Mr Zammit was unemployed.

The limited company was registered this year, at Mr Zammit’s request and with my reserved agreement, to provide stability for the Malta Boxing Commission following Mr Zammit receiving several threats of legal action, as well as the possible fall out from the previously mentioned Police investigation.

The company was formed and a bank account arranged, up to this point all payments for everything from office supplies to the MBC Championship Belts, were made from my personal account, as for reasons unbeknown to myself Mr Zammit was unable to arrange a bank account for the MBC.

On the other matters, throughout the existence of the Malta Boxing Commission I have worked tirelessly to bring boxing events to the Islands, however each time negotiations either broke down, or worse still after sanctioning had been granted the event still failed to go ahead, following Mr Zammit’s meddling in the promoter’s affairs.

Mr Zammit mentions the World Boxing Federation convention, which was due to be held in Malta earlier this year, again this failed to materialise due to Mr Zammit’s incessant meddling.

Fortunately for myself I have copies of all correspondence between myself and Mr Zammit during his tenure, as well as from the promoters who had tried in vane to hold MBC sanctioned events. I also have all copies of the correspondence with the WBF regarding the convention, and it’s ultimate failure to take place.

I feel saddened that I have had to respond publically on these matters, as I feel these claims by Mr Zammit are nothing but an attempt to discredit my name, as well as cloud the true issue at hand which was his total disregard of the due diligence I had undertaken as well as the calling of a meeting to make appointments, to senior positions within the MBC – as well as issue licenses – without informing myself and other senior MBC officials, which lead to him being relieved of his position.”