The President of the MBC Address Gianluca Di Caro Directly

Answer to Rebuttal of Gianlucal Di Caro

Gianluca it is time to address you directly and personally in front of the world.

Yes it is entirely true that when I formed the Malta Boxing Commission you were invited to join me in Ireland for the affiliation meeting but time and situations change and at a later stage our members have become unhappy with a VP that they have never met and they only hear about in his statements and promises which never materialise. Thus for this and reasons explained before they decided to remove you as this is their right.

These are facts which have been decided by others and which you have to be man enough to except.

Now for your claims about being a director of Malta Boxing Commission Ltd – The Malta Boxing Commission in Malta (MBC) has absolutely no connection to this company – This is a company which you formed in the UK and which you went so far as to use a document issued by a championship sanctioning body of provisional membership without authorization to do so – you Gianluca are the only director of this company and the copy of the receipt is attached as can be seen from the receipt you are the sole owner with no connection to the MBC in Malta and the MBC in Malta are presently in the process of complaining to the authorities in the UK to either make you dissolve this company or change the name. Because you formed a company called the Malta Boxing Commission Ltd in the UK without any form of documentation from the MBC does not give you right or privileges over the MBC in Malta in any way – So if today I registered a company in Malta & named it WBC ltd would that give me the right to boss Dr. Sulaiman around? – I think not! And the same applies for that company which you formed in England.

Now I have to address you on other issues in your statement – To correct you; there was no vendetta against any sports person in Malta either by my-self or anyone in the MBC. However I am aware that the vendetta you are referring to is my arguments with the former commonwealth champion Mr. Scott Dixon – As you are aware my arguments with Mr. Dixon are well publicized globally in fact and that there is no secret about them, however I would like to make it a point to explain to you here and in public that while I did my duty to withhold the license to Mr. Dixon amongst other actions as was my duty and take him to task as would the president of any serious sports federation do – on the other hand I was truly sorry to lose the friendship of this man whose company I greatly enjoyed but I made a choice between duty and personal issue and this is a choice I do not regret.

It also seems that you have a penchant to attacking the integrity of people and spreading rumours in your efforts to gain control of something which does not belong to you – first you attack the Vaughan’s and now you falsely attack me and other members of the MBC.

So as to the questioning of the police in the matter of conspiracy to murder it actually was two members of the MBC who were taken in for questioning and a local business man and you should differentiate between dropped and cleared. I am sure that our most competent authorities are dealing very well with the person/s who attempted this hoax or frame-up and in due course I am sure we will see justice being done. As you know the person in Question to be allegedly murdered was in fact Mr. Dixon and to be absolutely clear to you and anyone reading this (to avoid erroneous conclusions) Mr. Dixon did not try to frame me and others up and was not involved in any way in this incident.

From what I can see you are determined to try to take over the Malta Boxing Commission by any means or tactic – let us see: you formed the Malta Boxing Commission Ltd in the UK and the UK TKO Promotions registered to a member of your extended family, TKO boxing gym & have I seen TKO Ireland anywhere on the net? And you want to be the VP of a boxing commission which is situated in an Island which you have visited once for less than 24 hours. You know what Gianluca why do we not just make you prime minister of Malta!!! It seems that what you are attempting is to close a circle that if allowed would give you a position of unprecedented power in the boxing world to license boxers and officials at will, also to control both the officiating and business side of boxing.

This cannot be allowed ever either by us or by any other sanctioning body for obvious reasons. The MBC removed you for a very good reason and your attempts to remote control the sport of boxing in Malta from England are truly amazing and unprecedented in the history of boxing.

Finally It is also our pleasure to inform you that Stephen Vaughan on behalf of Vaughan boxing will be holding their first fully sanctioned boxing show in the Maltese Islands very shortly and another boxing show by one of Europe’s leading promoters is in the pipeline to being approved.