Steve Martin Responds: Bring It On Connor, I’ll Beat You So Bad You’ll Leave In A Body Bag

Malta’s newest Champion, ‘Super’ Steve Martin is seething, just a couple of days after he won the WBU Light Welterweight International title, with a sensational fifth round stoppage of Germany’s Sabri Ulas Goecmen, that Great Britain’s Danny ‘Cassius’ Connor publicly called him out.

Following Connor’s provocative statement hitting the boxing and sports news websites around the World, Connor’s Facebook page was inundated with ‘strongly worded’ messages from Martin’s irate fans, whilst Martin’s overflowed with messages of support.

Thing’s then got a little more heated as Martin and Connor, who is the current British Masters Welterweight and BBBofC Southern Area Light Welterweight Champion, exchanged insults on the social media network.

Even though it is the Season of Goodwill to All, for some reason I don’t think Connor is going to receive any gifts or seasonal greetings from Martin, whose anger hasn’t subsided one iota, as is clear by the barbed statement the twenty five year old from Pieta made earlier today.

“Bring it on Connor, I love to shut big mouths like yours, that are only good for trash talking.

I’ll fight you in the ring, outside the ring, f**k even in one of those poxy phone boxes, you Brits like so much.

You say you’ll come to my lovely Island to take what’s mine, I just hope you can walk the walk, ‘cause after all the crap you’ve spouted, I’m gonna beat you up so bad that you’re gonna leave my BACKYARD in a body bag.

So if you don’t have the balls to back it up, do us all a favour ‘Bruv’, shut the f**k up.”