LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – (March 26, 2013) Grind 2 Def Entertainment proudly announces that eighteen year old UK boxing star Junior Saba will be traveling from the UK to train in Las Vegas starting on April 16, 2013. Last year Junior Saba trained in Las Vegas at the Mayweather Boxing Club and showcased his boxing talent to the amazement of many boxing industry observers. After watching Junior Saba train and spar in the ring, many boxing industry observers have said that, Saba has the potential to be a world champion & the next boxing superstar.

Junior Saba is a highly touted UK amateur boxing star who is looking to turn pro in the United States in the super bantamweight division. Saba, has a exciting fan friendly boxing style which will captivate boxing fans in the UK & America.

“Junior Saba has been in serious boxing training under the guidance of his trainer/manager Tunde Ayaji since he was eleven years old. Junior Saba is very mature and focused for an eighteen year old fighter. I know boxing talent when I see it and Junior Saba is the goods. The US based promoter who signs Junior Saba to a promotional contract better get ready to cash in the winning megabucks lottery ticket with this kid.” said Macke Roberts, U.S. based advisor for Junior Saba.

“Coming to Las Vegas has always been our plan since Junior was eleven years old. I have been accredited for being the first boxing trainer to bring the Mayweather style of boxing to the UK. The Mayweather Boxing Club was an ideal place to take him to train. Soon as we entered the gym eyes were turning to this young boxing talent. Roger Mayweather said publicly with Junior Saba were looking at a world champion in the making. We have trained at Mayweather Boxing Club twice when Junior was sixteen & seventeen. This will be our third time training in Las Vegas and three times will be our lucky charm.” said Tunde Ayaji, the trainer/manager of UK boxing star Junior Saba.

“We are not only going to train at the Mayweather Boxing Club, we intend to go to all the top gyms in Las Vegas and whoever is first to put on their glasses and see with clear 20/20 vision that Junior Saba is a world champion in the making we intend on securing a promotional deal. We will go to any gym in Las Vegas, we will spar any boxer in our weight class to prove that Junior Saba has the goods. We will not leave Las Vegas without someone signing my son because he is a talent and we’re prepared to prove it.” said Tunde Ayaji, the trainer/manager of UK boxing star Junior Saba.

“Everyone believes they have the next best thing in boxing but if you look at what I have done by myself with Junior, without any financial support its amazing. There is not one person in boxing in the UK that is not aware of Junior Saba. I have managed to get him on every major TV network in the UK. Junior has been on Sky Sports, BBC, ITV, Setanta, Box Nation and many more based on his talent. Those that have seen Junior fight were calling him the next Floyd Mayweather because he has that star appeal. I believe any U.S. based promoter who signs Junior Saba already has a crossover star made and gift wrapped ready to be molded and nurtured. The job of selling Junior to the British public has been done and now its time to build him a U.S. fan base as he becomes a boxing superstar.” said Tunde Ayaji, the trainer/manager of UK boxing star Junior Saba.