Ermano Fegatilli’s next fight announced

The last few months haven’t been easy for Ermano Fegatilli. After suffering a fractured tooth Fegatilli had to get an implant to repair the damage. Through the surgery Ermano then got an infection so the implant had to be removed, cleaned and eventually, replaced. This caused a planed June bout to be cancelled right as the card fell into place.

Rested and fully recuperated from his last fight in March – which he scored an impressive eight-round shutout decision over former French champion Karim Chakim — Fegatilli is as ready as ever to step back into the ring.

“I am taking all the needed safety measures” stated Fegatilli. At this point, nearly two months prior to the bout and just opening up training camp, Fegatilli’s tooth is good as new. It’s all ready to take as much leather as necessary – although knowing “Le Serésian”, that won’t be much!

A press-conference was held today for local media to announce the fight, which will be held on August 23rd in Kursal, Oostende, Belgium at the praised local Casino Oostende. It is now confirmed that Ermano’s opponent will be Domenico Urbano (25-4-1 10 KO’s), a 37 year old Italian fighter from Abruzzo.

Fegatilli has spent his last few weeks legally and physically moving to the Netherlands to live with his girlfriend. For this reason, his training was strongly pacified. While he has remained in full physical fitness, he still wants to go back to being “boxing fit”. He is focusing greatly on aerobics and muscular training to start. Within a few weeks he plans to be practicing and leveling up on his boxing skills and preparing for the style of Domenico Urbano.

Ermano Fegatilli

Ermano Fegatilli

While Urbano is the only man on the radar as of now; Ermano Fegatilli is rushing full speed at a world title. It is a long and hard road ahead. If he defeats Urbano, Fegatilli will likely be charging at Justin Savi (27-2-0 18 KO’s) as a part of a WBC purposed title eliminator (as part of a Super Featherweight tournament). Of course, it is being taken one fight at a time. Fegatilli-Savi is a fight to be arranged on a later date.

Ermano Fegatilli has a big future ahead; follow him on Facebook at his Facebook page “Ermano ll’Dottore Fegatilli”. You can also see him on Twitter at Ermano Fegatilli.