Anthony Hardy’s second fight is set!

Today it has been formally announced that adroit Southpaw Anthony Hardy (1-0) will be fighting in his second professional boxing match at the sumptuous Rainton Meadows Arena in Houghton Le Spring, Northern England.

The opponent is not yet known, and the splendid local fight card is still in construction. After defeating hardnosed veteran Matt Seawright (5-79-5) in four rounds at Sunderland FC on July 7th; Hardy looks to adapt more and more to the tools required atop the professional boxing latter. Hardy struggled past a close and hard fought third round which he officially lost to pummel the iron-chinned Seawright in the final round – coming within inches of stopping the man before the final bell.

The heart of Hardy’s training camp is expected to open up later this month. Hardy has been keeping to a strict diet as well as a daily exercise regimen around a full time “9-5” job as he assiduously prepares to continue his early pro-career run at age 21. Still, things will only become more laborious as fight night continues to approach in the distance.
Hardy mainly looks to sought after more and more victories – he’s a fighter who wants to be tested prior to getting in a regional title fight in the near future. He hopes to fulfill and exceed his goals at British, European, and maybe even world title greatness. Although each fight is very important in shaping out his immediate and distant future – a loss now would undoubtedly mark as a major setback, and a revolting blemish he would dread to have occur. That’s why his team is hoping they can put in vigorous training camp to very well top the first.

Tickets are now available! Reach out to Anthony Hardy, Phil Jefferies, or any of the event’s other organizers or participants for more information and to purchase a selection of luxurious seats to the event!

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