By Reni M. Valenzuela

Boxing lords swear that the sport is alive and kicking these days on account of huge amount of money that goes into the den of crocs each time a PPV superstar or “superstar” engages in an in-house fight or “fight.”

What could be baser than that which can be measured only by money?

Money works wonders for good or bad. It is immensely powerful such that wicked men should not possess it beyond what they need to survive for chances to repent. Money is a tool to make you well along with those that hunger and chill. But if money becomes the center around which revolves everything you do, you are tricked, tripped and duped because it’s a monster you actually nurture and cherish to burn your soul – just in time for Hades and Hell to swallow you up.

Will you delight in a sport that defies and defeats itself?

There’s no place elsewhere that money is not inferior to a lot of things vital to human existence, much less to a sport beleaguered by vampires. John Gatling of quoted the unbeaten king of boxing who posted an admirable confession on his Instagram last October 30. Gatling concludes Floyd Mayweather Jr. as being lonely and in pain despite being the highest paid athlete for a number of years: “He wants love. For all the money he’s made, he’s not been able to find contentment and ‘true love’ on sale anywhere.”

Gold is never above virtue. Hence there ought to be no way for money to be supreme or become “God.” But, alas, almighty mammon is no doubt an object of worship to millions or billions of people around the globe today with absolute, willful disregard of faith and of what is upright. No wonder, “wars” won’t go away. Atheists, Muslims and “Christians” are no different from each other when it’s money that is on the table. They all have identical left and right hands to grab it.

The greedy is himself anathema to a fulfilling satisfying life. He says “enough” but just upon hitting the abyss of utter hopelessness. Who could be more miserable than the person who is set ablaze by his consuming love for money? “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” – I Timothy 6:10
Is there anything conceivable by which boxing fans can be assured that the sport has finally recuperated from a serious ailment among several others that linger to plague “the ring”? Can the fans be told why they have always been at the receiving end of every boxing “controversy” in the name of a cruel, modern god?

When money is your biggest problem, then you are the problem, not money.

The world awaits the great fight.

Let it go.