Pacquiao will never be on PPV again after Rios retires him on Saturday

By Chuy Marco

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will no longer be a headliner on Pay-Per-View after he loses to Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios in Macao, China. This fight will be another cherry pick gone wrong. The Pacman will be retired on Saturday night and just another boxing casualty.

I seriously hope he does retire after he gets pummeled by Rios because it is always said to see aging fighters fighting way past their best years and receiving more punishment. I hope he retires but it is unlikely because he needs the money. If the stories are true that he has blown through so much money that he barely has a fraction of the hundreds of millions he has earned then you cannot feel sorry for him, it is his own fault for going broke.

Brandon Rios will win, just like I predicted Juan Manuel Marquez would finally win. The writing is on the wall, they are doing random blood and urine drug testing for the first time with Pacquiao and he looked softer than he has in previous weigh ins. His chin was cracked by Marquez and a fighter coming back from that type of one punch KO is never the same fighter.

The pressure that the one dimensional Rios will put on Manny will be enough to tire him out and stop him late. Pacquiao will try to hit Rios with all his might and be demoralized the moment Rios smiles and tells “him you hit like a girl.” Pacman’s power is overrated. He has never had much power at 147, he mainly fought weight drained boxers and the moment he fought a well conditioned and muscular 147 pounderĀ  he thought would be bloated he got dropped hard and put to sleep.

A cherry pick gone wrong is what Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios will be. Rios will prevail and Pacquiao’s legacy further takes another hit, pretty soon nobody will even remember him anymore and he will lose his endorsement deals and all his fans — this is why he should have saved his millions instead of spending it like no tomorrow. It’s the sad reality of media created fighters, their fans are only with them when they are on top but the moment they fall hard they are nowhere to be scene and most of Manny’s fans happen to be fairweather fans who will disappear again after Saturday night.