GIF: Anderson Silva breaks his leg in half on Chris Weidman

UFC 168 was filled with action packed fights and finishes from top to bottom, including the back and forth women’s championship brawl of Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate which ended in a armbar submission for the champ, but the main event between former champion Anderson Silva and current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman ended in graphic fashion.

The first round had both fighters sizing each other up, both were showing lots of feints and movement, as they clinched up Weidman was able to land a right hand on Anderson’s ear that temporarily put Silva out cold with his eyes closed as he fell to the ground he was able to awaken and survive Weidman’s ground and pound.

In the second round of a five round middleweight championship bout, Anderson Silva¬† threw a low kick at Chris Weidman’s leg and snapped his leg in half. It was a awful sight as Anderson lay on the canvas holding his leg in pain.

The UFC 168 replay of the Anderson Silva broken leg was painful to watch in slow motion you could see the low kick being checked by Weidman, and Silva’s leg snapping in half. This looks like it will be the end of the road for the 38 year old former champion, who was in talks to box his idol Roy Jones Jr if he won tonight.

Warning the gif image is graphic: