Floyd Mayweather continues to duck a washed up Manny Pacquiao

By Freddy Fresco

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight should have happened 3 to 4 years ago, and sadly it will never happen. The main reason the fight hasn’t happened is due to Floyd’s cold feet.

In his prime Pacquiao was a style nightmare for Mayweather. He presented unorthodox movement, a boxing style that was very hard for a one punch at a time counter puncher like Floyd to time. You must understand that whenever Mayweather fights he needs a guy who sets his feet when he punches or doesn’t have fast footwork because it’s hard for him to time a guy who doesn’t stand still. Pacquiao moves a lot, and he throws punches from all different angles, he is very hard to time with one punch at a time, you will need exchange blows with him like Juan Manuel Marquez did to have any chance.

Mayweather is not willing to take the type of punishment Marquez did and he knows Pacquiao will bring the pain. One of the hardest type of opponents to fight is a guy who isn’t scared to get knocked out and will fight more aggressive the more you hurt him, and that is what makes Floyd so scared when it comes to Pacquiao.

It’s clear that the Pacquiao of today is no longer the same. He doesn’t have the killer instinct, he has gotten softer and more compassionate and his stamina and power have declined. A washed up Pacquiao is still a threat to Mayweather and that is why he continues to make up excuses so he doesn’t have to fight him.

Floyd already lost because the moment he goes face to face with Manny in the ring he will freeze up like he saw a ghost, he already has it in his mind that this little Filipino slugger is a monster and once you develop a phobia it’s hard to overcome that fear.  He will continue to talk trash about Manny behind his mansion walls, where he is comfortable because he knows he will never fight him. Floyd is the only one who can make the fight, but he would rather make up more excuses and take the road of least resistance like fighting Amir Khan while trying to brainwash the public into thinking he is the greatest of all time.