Dan Henderson KO’s Shogun Rua in Rematch at UFC Fight Night 38

UFC Fight Night 38 finished with a bang when the much anticipated rematch between Dan Henderson and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua ended in a highlight reel Knock out.

The fight started off slow, with both combatants measuring and keeping their distance, toward the end of the first round Henderson was able to land hard punches on Shogun pushing him back to the cage. Shogun was able to counter the over aggressiveness of Hendo and stuns him with a right hand and drops him with the following punch. It looks like Henderson is hurt bad taking hard shots but somehow he is able to get back to his feet but later gets taken down again and the round ends.

In round number two Shogun and Henderson both start off slow, after being gassed out from the heated exchanged at the end of round one they look to be taken a breather. A Few leg kicks and jabs by Shogun, and a take down attempt by Hendo, the round ends with Shogun on top.

In the third round both fighters try to mix it up, with Shogun pacing himself again after spending a lot of energy ending the previous round with ground and pound. Hendo ties up with Shogun trying to take him down, only for the Brazilian to escape but as he breaks free Henderson is able to land a powerful right hand that drops Shogun, he is hurt and Henderson pounces on him with punches looking at referee Herb Dean telling him Shogun is out, the ref stops it and the fight is over.

After the fight Shogun gets up with a badly broken nose that is curved from the indentation caused by Henderson’s power right hand.