Manny Pacquiao must revive his career on Saturday night or else retire

Manny Pacquiao has boxed for over 60 fights with a career that has spanned 19 years, he is 35 years old and already showing signs of age. Some say that his killer instinct is gone and some say it’s his body he has been in too many brutal fights.

The knockout blow that put him to sleep was a punch that he ran into face first and was delivered by Juan Manuel Marquez who could never put him down before the previous times they met at lower weight classes.

It was a shocking site, boxing fans were so used to seeing the Filipino congressman take punches from much bigger men and never expected him to be the one dropped after knocking down Marquez several times before. That KO will go down in history has the greatest big fight knockout of all times. Mike Tyson was knocked out but it wasn’t in such a shocking fashion his loss was more of an upset type shock, Pacquiao’s loss was more of a is he alright? type of thing.

On April 12 Manny Pacquiao will face off against the man who took his WBO welterweight title in controversial split decision back in 2012, Timothy Bradley. It was another shocking ending this time a robbery, the majority ringside in attendance felt Pacquiao won only to hear “And the NEW welterweight champion of the world Timothy Bradley.” Fans all over the world who watched the fight live gasped in disbelief when they heard the winner was Bradley.

Going into the rematch, Bradley has supreme confidence that he will destroy a compassionate Pacquiao who he has said several times lacks the killer instinct he used to have. Bradley’s confidence only grew after beating Juan Manuel Marquez the man who knocked Pacquiao out cold.

The biggest question going into this bout is whether or not Manny Pacquiao can bring the fire back, if he can’t pull the trigger or loses a lopsided bout to Bradley or even gets knocked out again, it’s time to hang the gloves up and call it quits. Many boxing aficionados are leaning toward Bradley, and history shows its very rare for a fighter to comeback from such a down slide, maybe Manny is the exception to the rule and he proves us all wrong again?

The Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 boxing event is live on BoxNation (Sky 437/490HD & Virgin 546) this Sunday at 2am