The Ronda Rousey vs Floyd Mayweather talk has gotten ridiculous

I enjoy watching mixed martial arts and boxing. I am a combat sports fan and I’ve grown tired of the boxing versus MMA stuff.

For a few months now the buzz going around the internet over comments made by UFC female bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey saying she could beat boxing champion Floyd Mayweather in an MMA fight has given birth to a ridiculous debate between boxing fans and MMA fans.

When I watched the interview where Ronda Rousey said she could beat Floyd, she never challenged him to a fight, she was very respectful and even said in the past that Floyd Mayweather is one of her favorite boxers and she respects his skills in the ring and his business savvy outside.

The fans took it to a whole new level going back and forth. Some more extreme than others, like those saying that Ronda will destroy Floyd with a head kick or low kicks, and the boxing fans saying that Ronda would lose after she gets hit with one jab.

UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis even chimed in makingĀ  a bold claim recently on FoxSports1 that Mayweather would beat Rousey in MMA even without boxing — I think that is kind of extreme. Expert MMA commentator Joe Rogan had a more sensible approach when he was on ESPN, he said there are a lot of things that Floyd doesn’t understand and wouldn’t be prepared for because he trained mainly in boxing alone like clinch work, the ground game, leg kicks. Basically if Ronda took the fight to the ground she would win and Floyd would win on the feet.

My final thoughts on this Rousey vs. Mayweather fiasco are why would anyone even entertain a man fighting a woman? Have we come to this point where people no longer find it appalling to try and pit a man against a woman in a physical fight? A lot of guys will say yeah but Ronda talks a lot and is arrogant saying she can beat up other men. Well let her talk, a lot of women talk like that, does that mean you have to hit her or challenge her to a fight because she said so? It’s obvious she says a lot of things for shock value and it works, this is why she is the biggest draw in the UFC.

This MMA versus Boxing talk is getting lame. I thought people have moved on from it and could actually enjoy combats sports in general. I guess you will always have the diehards on both sides, but slowly people are becoming fans of both and I hope it continues to go that way.