Video: 24/7 Cotto vs Martinez Episode 1 and 2

The popular HBO sports documentary series 24/7 returned for the upcoming June 7 Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez WBC middleweight bout to give the viewers an inside look on the fighters training camps and day to day lives leading up to big fight at New York’s famed Madison Square Garden.

During the prefight build up, WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez revealed his dislike for the challenger and former 3 division champion Miguel Cotto’s diva ways, particularly his demand that the fight be at a catchweight of 159 pounds and that Cotto receive top billing over the champion.

Freddie Roach, assistant trainer Marvin Somodio, and strength and conditioning coach Gavin Macmillan make up Team Cotto, this is the second time around for them having first worked together for the Delvin Rodriguez fight.

Martinez and his camp headed by trainer Pablo Sarmiento set up camp in Florida, the story surrounding him has to do with his ability to move after recovering from a bad knee injury that left him out of boxing for a long time. Martinez believes Cotto only took the fight with him now because he sees him as a vulnerable and crippled boxer that he can beat.

Freddie Roach is predicting an early knockout, while Pablo Sarmiento and Sergio Martinez are predicting a knockout as well, this fight is a can’t miss.

24/7: Cotto-Martinez Episode 1

24/7: Cotto-Martinez Episode 2

Episodes 1 and 2 of 24/7: Cotto vs Martinez were uploaded to YouTube by HBO Sports.